Shipping Policy basically consist of the gudielines of shipping firearms across entire USA. These kind of shipment are not same as regular shipment and needs a lot of precautions so that any kind of mistake can be avoided. Along with following Federal Laws while shipping we also need to take care of set of rules , set by (US Mail, FedEx, UPS, etc.)


Firearm Shipment Interstate

Firearms can only be shipped to a personnel holding FFL(Federal Firearm Licensee).All interstate transfers of weapons are governed by the federal government.A firearm is transferred when it goes from one person's possession to another (or company). Federal authorities become involved when this transfer of custody occurs across state lines.
If a firearm is being shipped to a person or business in another state, regardless of whether you are a gun owner or have your own FFL, you MUST ship the handgun to an FFL in the destination state.
After that, the transfer of the firearm to the recipient can be completed in person at that FFL.


Firearm Shipment in Own State

According to federal law, if you are exporting a firearm within your own state, an FFL is not necessary.
Even if you are shipping the firearm to someone else, the transfer is not subject to ATF regulation because it does not cross state boundaries.
Nevertheless, even though it is permitted by federal law (the regulations in your state may differ), we always advise using an FFL as your destination when shipping a firearm because there are far too many potential issues.
As long as the firearm is being transported to you in the care of a recipient, you may also ship it to yourself in accordance with Federal law.

Shipping Firearms using different Carriers

Every Carrier has their own rules and regulations when it comes to shipping Firearms. Detailed description of how to ship firearms are as below:

Shipping Firearms by FEDEX

FedEx doesn’t support shipping firearms for non-FFL’s so if you are shipping via FedEx it has to be FFL.
While Shipping through FedEx ensure packaging is done carefully Gun & Ammo are packed separately also the box must not have any Firearm marking.

Shipping Firearms by UPS

Like FEDEX , UPS also requires FFL for shipping firearms.
While Shipping through UPS it is mandatory that handguns are shipped via overnight delivery and no marking of firearms should be there on the package.


Shipping Firearms by US Mail

Both FFL and non-FFL members are benefitted when it comes to shipping via US Mail
FFL-Rifles, shotguns, and pistols may be shipped via US Mail .
Non-FFL-Only rifles or shotguns can be shipped via US Mail.
However, for any kind of shipment Via USMail it is important to ship with the tracking number, signature is required at the time of delivery. Also, US Mail has a specific requirement of “Return Service Requested”. Like FEDEX and UPS they also want to avoid any kind of indication on package that says Firearms.
For any queries regarding shipping policy, please feel free to connect with us. you can write to us at [email protected] or call or text @512-237-7045.